Professional High Quality Customizable Corkscrews
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100% Made in Italy professional corkscrews

Patrick S.r.l. is specialized in the production of professional corkscrews for waiters.
It was founded in 1993 with over thirty years of experience in the production of these items.
Thanks to continuous improvements and investments in production cycles, which allow it to carry out all the phases of work, it can ensure the production of high quality items and innovative design.
The corkscrews made by Patrick are ideal not only as a working tool for waiters or sommeliers but also as an object to be used in the kitchen every day or as a proposal for an original gift to combine with a coordinated and customizable promo package.
Made in Italy is a determining factor in the choice of professional corkscrews and confirms how the quality of the products produced is high, without neglecting the excellent relationship with the price.
The Patrick corkscrews are produced entirely in Italy, with exclusively Italian materials to guarantee quality and professionalism.